Established in 2011, Inspirate is a diverse-led organisation that has produced a plethora of arts festivals and events, delivering culturally dynamic experiences to audiences from across the country. We connect people from all walks of life with inspiring creative experiences - our aim is to ambitiously pioneer a new and inclusive approach to culture, where the ‘door is open to all'.

Our Values

Our organisation is driven by 3 principles that are at the core of our decision-making, ways of working and define what always should be the Inspirate experience:



We believe in the ability that the arts has to connect to people. These connections are the glue that drives culture forward. We connect with our audience through our lived experience.



Culture is not stagnant. New approaches and new voices are always relevant in our work. We work with our artists, partners and audiences to innovate inspiring creative experiences.



We will never have reached enough people. We are relentlessly ambitious about the impact our work can achieve. We will always punch above what is expected of us and remain approachable to all.


Current Opportunities

We are currently on the look out for two people to join our dynamic and fast-growing team!