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Inspirate is widely experienced across all aspects of project management.
We will bring your creative event to life with these 4 easy steps:
Inspirate An Indian Summer Hanuman Puppe

Step 1: Project Planning

Support in developing your idea into an actionable plan:


  • Licenses

  • Risk assessment

  • Stakeholder management

  • Delivery schedule

Step 2: Fundraising

Which funders are interested in what you do?

How can you prepare your approach to sponsors?

We provide a survey and assessment of funding options including grant application advice and sponsorship support, all tailored to you!

Code Control Conference Inspirate Pamela

Step 3: Delivery

Resourcing the delivery of your project with a dedicated team on the ground.


This could include:

  • Dedicated project manager

  • Marketing support

  • Stewards and invigilators

  • Security

Step 4: Evaluation

We can work with you from the beginning of your project to establish a set of achievable goals that will feed into the incremental growth of your organisation.


We can also create full and detailed reports on your activity that can be targeted at finders sponsors and stakeholders. 

Inspirate Laughter Therapy Pamela Raith
Copy of 026_MONO_Bring The Paint_Pamela
Whatever your event needs, Inspirate can put together a bespoke offer based on the above services .
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