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Current Opportunities

At Inspirate, we are always looking for talented and passionate individuals looking to get involved in our projects throughout the year. Our current opportunities reflect the range of ways in which we strive to make a difference in our community. Check out our listings below to see where you might be able to become a part of our projects.

Bridging Beats - Registration

📣 Live in Belgrave and Highfields and aged 9-16? Inspirate are looking for passionate young people to get involved in a brand new music creation project, Bridging Beats! 📣


From April, join Inspirate for the chance to make and record your own music 🎵Work with pro artists, use tech with different styles of music and showcase your work at 'An Indian Summer' festival 2024!


💷 FREE (+ free refreshments)

📅 Highfields - every Tuesday, 5:30-7:30pm, starting from April 16th, 2024

📅 Belgrave - every Wednesday, 4-6pm, starting from April 17th, 2024

📍 Highfields Centre OR Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre

Mural Artist

We are pleased to present this commission proposal for a large-scale mural to adorn a prominent location on Leicester's famous Belgrave Road. We are looking to collaborate with an experienced muralist or collective renowned for their dynamic and captivating large-scale works. With a portfolio spanning diverse styles and themes, the muralist is adept at translating concepts and research into a visually stunning mural that resonates with audiences of all ages.

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